Minutes 2013-11-20

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Public Consultation Meeting

Public Consultation meeting on the proposed changes to Rush Common Schools Admission Policy 2014/2015

Date: 6th February 2013

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Rush Common School Hall.

Attendance: Anyone welcome

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Michael Gove letter

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Academy Conversion News

Academy conversion goes live!

A very warm welcome to Rush Common School, a school run by Rush Common Academy Trust (RCAT) from 1st March 2012, having successfully entered into a Funding Agreement with the Department for Education (DfE).  RCAT is an exempt charity and company limited by guarantee and its core purpose, as stated in Articles of Association, is to advance education in the UK, by managing and developing schools offering a broad and balanced curriculum and providing facilities to the community for recreation and leisure.

It certainly has been an eventful journey to get here and there is still much to do and we are all very excited about the potential opportunities for providing better outcomes for our children and serving our community in a more focussed, targeted way, where we are the ones in control of priorities and how resources are best invested. Whilst outwardly in the initial stages, you will notice very few changes, during the next few months there will be considerable discussions about the future direction of the school.

Although the school gains independence, we are also looking forward to continuing to develop relationships and partnerships with other schools within the locality, across Oxfordshire and beyond. We very much hope that Rush Common School will now have the opportunity to use the freedoms and flexibilities of academy status to share best practice and work with others to bring about sustained improvements to all schools in the area.

From now Rush Common Academy Trust is ultimately accountable to the DfE for the success of the school and any other school that may join the trust in the future.  As such, the governing body of the school has dissolved and those individuals wanting to continue as governors have become directors of RCAT which was formally constituted on February 22nd 2012.  The Chair of the Board of Directors (also known as Chair of Govenors) is Carol Oster Warriner, the Vice Chair Mark Rusher and Chief Executive Officer (also known as Headteacher) is Maxine Evans.

We look forward to working with you in the coming months to explore our new freedoms and develop the strategy for on-going success and exceptional education for our children.


Maxine Evans


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New website

We hope you like our new website. We welcome your feedback.

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